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What's a good secure/private alternative to the google maps app?

You say app? As in android app?

There are free alternatives that use openstreetmap. Try and use them :)

Hope this helps

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Okay,privately would be better. I haven't read that much about vpn usage, I just jumped from reading a lot to using it and I figured more than 1 VPN server (right now I'm using only one via VPN4ALL afaik), a vpn chain, will make it a tiny bit more difficult to point my ISP assigned IP to eg. a visited website through the usage of more than one VPN. what I want to compare is the security of one vpn-provider with chain ability VS a chain of 2 servers from 2 different vpn-providers.


Personally i would go with 2 vpns separate from each other.  IF you use one vpn with chain abilities, you still have to trust that one vpn, whereas 2 vpns, it could be more difficult to get logs etc.

Help this helps

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Do you know any secure pop-up blockers for Tor?

You Could just use no script,And lookup blacklists for ads and add those to noscript.

I like using ghostery On Tor Browser to block basic tracking scripts and cookies alot involved with advertising so that when i dont use noscript i still avoid lots of junk and privacy invasive stuff.

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Link: Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Now Oversubscribed | TechCrunch

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Link: Email Leak Tests

check if your email provider shows your IP address to its recipient

also checkout their DNS leak test and they have a IPV6 leak test to

ipv6 leak dns leak email leak ipv6 email dns ip ip address links

Link: NVISO ApkScan - Scan Android applications for malware

NVISO’s new Android malware scanner A really great tool available to all android users, it works similiar to services we have all grown to love in the past like virustotal,jotti and other online virus scanning tools and anti malware communities.But this one scans APK files (android apps) and helps people figure out if their malware,This website is so crucially needed in this point in time after reports came out that 1 in 10 of all android apps statistically are some form of malware due to all the unregulated third party appstores and websites with bad security,shady developers hiding new strains of malware in legitimate looking apps and all types of new exploit that we haven’t encountered before.

This site should have a significant impact in the amount of android devices infected and a site where people can upload their android apps and have them scanned quick and easily to see if their infected or malicious is a great thing, we encourage all android users to check it out and use it.The Android community needs more tools like this to fight back against the alarming growth of android based malware.

9 notes APKscan android mobile apk NVISO malware virus anti virus android apps apps mobile apps security news appstore android community android malware android virus free safe torrent downloading to your cloud


really simple easy to use website and service itself right now you can sign up with an email or just sign in with facebook
so what boxopus does is allows you to download torrents anonymously,fast and with privacy and They support cloud
storage providers they have claimed they will be re integrating and supporting dropbox again in the next few days.

They Have A free plan right now which gives you 1GB to start and it has unlimited bandwidth for downloading torrents
however the catch is whatver bandwidth you use is deducted from the 1GB on your free account and it “replrenishes”
itself by 20MB per hour.So its a pretty easy quick and efficent way to pirate and download your torrents safely
and privately without having to worry about the law and getting fined or in any of the nonsensical law enforcement
efforts currently in effect.

and 1GB with 20MB regained every hour is a nice ressource available to our readers for free its a great ressource
to download torrents and avoid persecution for free.They Have premium plans which some people might find worth while they seem pretty inexpensive.However we recommend all our readers without a VPN,seedbox, or no real budget for privacy and file sharing to sign up and get a free account, its a good way to download your torrents etc safely for free.

They Also have a browser Extension which makes it more convenient and user friendly you can just click a torrent link and send it right to boxopus.

6 notes torrents boxopus bittorrent cloud storage file sharing