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Link: Enlocked Introduces Next Generation Encrypted Email Service

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Link: The TROL Act is Not Enough To Stop Patent Trolls

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Link: The People Suing Tor Don't Actually Know What Tor Is

"On Wednesday it was reported that the victim of a revenge porn site was preparing to sue not only the site operators but also Tor, for their part in keeping the site’s owners protected and anonymous. Two days later, they’ve wised up a bit and are dropping their case against the anonymity network, instead focusing their efforts squarely on the offending revenge porn site. 

In their original complaint, the plaintiff Shelby Conkin and her lawyer Jason Lee Van Dyke said that “unscrupulous Internet service companies such as TOR offer ‘private’ or ‘anonymous’ domain name hosting services that allow criminals such as PinkMeth [the name of the revenge porn site in question] and its users to escape accountability for their actions.” They were seeking damages upwards of $1 million.

It appears Van Dyke, who on his Twitter profile describes himself as “quite possibly the meanest and most right-wing lawyer in Texas,” thought that some sort of formal agreement had been reached between Tor and PinkMeth, in line with Tor selling a product to deliberately facilitate such a site. That’s obviously not the case.”

Read the full article on MotherBoard 

(Our addition on the matter)

So essentially   Mr Jason L. Van Dyke is suing the protocol known as tor and the organization the tor project who has publicized this protocol.It has been stated MR.Dyke has since recently dropped the tor project from said lawsuit upon the realization of the absurdity of his claim that has or can have any responsibility for the actions of a website administrator using their protocol.

This type of thinking is dangerous it is quite literally like saying we are going to sue every honda employee or person involved in the creation of honda vehicles for 10X thouand auto accidents for every person who died with,because and from one of their creations regardless of context,intent or even involvement.

Hey lets go sue AOL for making their 56k dial-up service people did some pretty bad things using dial-up….

anyone MR.Dyke has since retreated to the drawing board to learn the inner workings of tor to “identify the responsibilities they have if any” which motherboard humorously  exclaimed none and no.

It is also worth noting MR.Dyke has been allegedly accused of great deals of misconduct,threats of violence,threats of legal action against people who have spoken out in opposition to his involvement with the cases related to tor,pinkmeth and other current issues,and made legal inquiries to people hosting the PDF of his court documents related to the suing of Tor.

This Link Will take you to a album on IMgur (some harsh language and nonsense included) which contains screenshots related to some acussations,essentially someone said some mean things to jayson then wrote a negative review on his law firm Van Dyke Law  Firm and he threatened them physically,legally and then proceeded to pay the mans girlfriend (Jayson was unaware of that at the time) the sum of 200$ for his “dox” (address and identifiable details to then harass this man with a defamation suit)

This is not the first incident of internet VS van dyke either he has roped many people in as bad people helping revenge porn before such as domain registrars (,hosting companies and shared DNS registries.

So the revenge porn crusade has left many innocent casualties and very few warranted casualties is the premise of our article.

and regardless how bad the bad guys behind some of the things MR.Dyke is fighting against (bullying,revenge porn etc) he has been publicly seen and recorded making death threats to others (mostly the operator of pink meth) but people also not involved in criminal acts as well who would try to engage him to explain himself regarding his suing tor.Which is not a admirable choice of conduct for the “good guy”.

and you can find the PDF regarding his court case here

and the press release here

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Wordpress schoolofprivacy site is up!

Ok so where happy to say that our main website and WordPress website we built is back up and is back online we got it hosted free for the next 20 days  In Singapore so we can also protect our readers privacy better being offshore.We Are Also going to add full SSL/TLS support today so you can add https to our domain and visit our website with encrypting your traffic for your privacy.

We where hosted for a few days setting up our WordPress in Europe last month but attackers burned threw the small amount of bandwidth we had and we couldn’t Afford anymore hosting expenses at the time.(we are working on affording a long term and offshore hosting solution if anyone has any ideas or way they can help.

We we still be using tumblr and this version of the website will still be reachable,we will be cloud syncing all our social sites together so people can stay updated on us threw alot of different sites and we are syncing our official website the wordpress,this website our tumblr and our post backup our together so everything will work together and remain updated.

The main reason we broke down got hosting and built a wordpress website is because yahoo took over tumblr and has bullied us,deleted our website,theme and its clear if we want to remain accessible and able to contribute to the internet and help you all we have to have complete control of our website and service and using the opensource wordpress platform on our own and offshore hosting is the only way we can do that.

To remain online and available having our own website and wordpress controlled by us,A tumblr mirroring all of our content and then A mirroring our posts helps our information remain available if we are under attack and helps prevent us from being censored since many schools,colleges and even whole internet service providers are blocking us.People don’t want the information we share And the empowerment we can provide to people to be seen.

so having multiple social accounts across many sites and having three individual websites across three platforms and locations helps us keep you informed and helps us protect people under all the issues we are sustaining.

You can reach the wordpress here

our domain will be pointed to our wordpress wherever we host it at that time.

you can reach our tumblr here always  if you like that site better or the wordpress is down.

and if both of those are down mirrors our posts as well.

We are looking for a way to maintain the wordpress efficiently and cost effectively after 20 days from today,We don’t have or make much money and using free hosting mediums has not worked out well enough for us so any advice you have or contributions are much appreciated if you would like to talk email us at

thank you all we hope we manage to help you all  and look forward to providing whatever we can.

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Link: Dear NSA, Privacy is a Fundamental Right, Not Reasonable Suspicion

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protests and petitions that are in the best interest of all our readers to participate in

These Three Petitions We are completely supportive of,We Don’t normally take political stands or views and we are a-political but when it comes to privacy and the internet as a whole we look for whats going to secure our digital rights.

And we encourage all of  readers to read,checkout,share and sign these petitions they are intended to protect the internet we love.

"demand the U.S. Congress reveal the full extent of the NSA’s spying programs."

The Free Press’s petition for the Future of the Internet covering net neutrality the FCC and present important issues.

Open Media’s petition to put a end to the new internet “slowlane” that will cripple the internet and turn
internet service providers into a dangerous and manipulative power.

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Link: Boing Boing: If you read Boing Boing, the NSA considers you a target for deep surveillance

2 notes NSA news spying germany boingboing

Link: Court-approved wiretaps defeating encryption, feds say