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Link: 5 Ways to Hide From Common Surveillance Tech

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Link: Chinese Government Accused Of Staging ‘Malicious Attack’ On Apple’s iCloud Service | TechCrunch

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Link: Xposed Framework won't arrive on Android Lollipop for months, if at all

To have Xprivacy for android you will need Xposed Framework, but we might have to wait a while for it to be available for Android Lollipop.

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Link: Tor GUI `SelekTOR` Sees New Major Release

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Link: EFF Launches Updated Know Your Rights Guide

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Link: Nearly 7 Million Dropbox Account Passwords Allegedly Hacked

So with small hacks leading to big chaos like iCloud with the fappening and a small unofficial snap chat app snapsave getting hacked leading to the snappening I can only imagine what a hack of this magnitude will lead to undoubtedly the hackers can lookup emails,phone numbers and usernames of known celebrities against the dropbox database and then leak the dropbox information of celebrities which undoubtedly will happen to at least some degree with how many android devices and IOS are tied into dropbox.

Also many websites are hosted as well as use CDN from dropbox so I’m sure we will see a lot of hacked websites or websites being used to distribute malware from this as well as their are many free hosting services using dropbox as well as many people host their javascript,CSS and html/html5 pages for their websites from dropbox to cut down bandwidth and resource usage for free.

So If you are a dropbox user change your password,maybe connect your account to a different email if you are really worried about people hacking your account this way you’ll be better protected.It is safe to say that the hackers probably have mostly user logins and some suers dropbox accounts contents but if users hurry to changing passwords,emails and removing authorization from dropbox apps and tools they don’t need now we can minimize the impact of this hack by reducing the victims and data stolen because frankly 6 thousand logins where leaked as a preview and as more logins leak small and novice hackers will take those logins break in and try stealing premium accounts,looking for logins,bit coin wallet backups,credit cards, and using peoples accounts to host malware.

If people start hurry securing their accounts now it will at least help protect them if their data was stolen by the original hack group it will prevent leechers after logins get leaked from doing more harm.

"Hackers have already leaked about 400 accounts by posting login credentials, all starting with the letter B, and labelled it as a "first teaser…just to get things going”. The perpetrators are also promising to release more more password details if they’re paid a Bitcoin ransom.
More Bitcoin = more accounts published on Pastebin. As more BTC is donated, More pastebin pastes will appear.”

The security breach in Dropbox would definitely have bothered its millions of users and since passwords are involved in this incident, so it has more frightening consequences on its users. Reddit users have tested some of the leaked username and password combinations and confirmed that at least some of them work” , also from the hacker news
Well Their you have it folks massive privacy breach of millions of users and through proxy their families,spouses,children,friends directly the privacy of over 7 million people is compromised then we have to consider that at least 15-25 million people’s privacy will be effected from this hack considering people who share accounts, store family health records,bills,passports,banking info,crypto coins,music,photos, and just their life digitalized and a lot of families have one or 2 members good with computers who store and handle their online things.With that being said this leak is a lot bigger then the massiveness that it already entails.
In the wake of things like this,snappening,fappening and iCloud hacks etc.It makes me more happy that services like MEGA and spideroak exist.
Now We like to say hey MEGA is by no means perfect and neither is spideroak.But they use REAL physical local encryption on your data so if the servers get actually hacked the data just can’t be that simply lifted.They Both can get Hacked and its possible but hacks would be much smaller in size and scale and they try much harder and succeed much more at protecting users and privacy buy and large.Then their is also Oboom which is perfect if your looking for something simple and more like dropbox is a easy to use company giving 50GB of space away for free and their a swiss company switzerland has strong privacy laws,all violations of privacy there have to be defended in court or by a judge and their site has full SSL encryption support and both boom and MEGA are great for sharing files.
The three free and practical cloud storage we recommend right now that work well and are available to everyone in the wake of all of this are 
MEGA 50GB space
OBOOM 50GB space
SPIDEROAK 2GB space+10GB for referrals
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Link: Emma Watson 'most dangerous' celebrity to search for online - Telegraph

A Very Interesting article we found that we would like to share with you guys, its a interesting social/security phenomena but for all you emma watson fans and fanatics this is a fair warning to be more cautious and careful!

1 note emma watson news security malware spam hacking virus viruses telegraph privacy

Link: Shell-Shock Like Vulnerability May Be Present In Windows

so we have all been hearing a lot about the “shellshock” Bash IE bourne again shell vulnerability which essentially works on a syntax error and allows anyone with shell access of any kind to upload malware remotely, well according to threat post their may be a similar issue with windows and judging by the severity of shellshock we encourage more people to read this.And to be aware and vigilant because windows users are not worrying about the linux issue but this one may effect you!

and linux,mac and unix users please make updates,install patches and be safe out there.

3 notes shell vulnerability shellshock shells ssh windows linux vulnerabilities vulnerability hacking news threatpost