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Bloggers' Rights at EFF

Link: techtoolsforactivism

Great place to start for activists in the digital world, has all great resources and information if your looking to start your own grass roots group.

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Link: network23

network23 offers anonymous wordpress blogs for activists and “agitators”

from their website

"The bigger corporate blog and web site providers such as blogger or are required to hand over the details of users to the authorities. We don’t keep any detailsto hand over (apart from your email). We think this project is a good way to support freedom of expression, decentralisation of online content and the open web.”

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Interviews with Kenose

I am obligated to contacting high profile individuals for interviews. While these, and especially the following, are not “exciting” I am following a formula of a book I have read for garnering such interviews.

Although I had asked the following individual for answers on 2 questions, he gave me a succinct response on one.

Who is he? From wikistupedia: is an American cryptographer, computer security specialist, and writer. He is the author of several books on general security topics, computer security and cryptography..

Please, I encourage people to research his work. He is an integral person on issues of computer security.

I am including what I asked and what I received:

With the current fiasco of broad spying by the NSA, what is your biggest fear in the potential outcomes of these revelations?

What do you see as the next biggest threat for electronic privacy for the public?

Bruce: My biggest fear is that the NSA (and others) will double-down and make things worse.

While I am a bit crestfallen at the dearth of a response, I assure fellow readers I am working hard on getting high profile, quality interviews.

Stay tuned.


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Services and Resources for activists

This list is a edited version of the one provided by that has had the dead sites removed from the list, there is a massive amount of resources available here that we suggest our readers take advantage of!

services for activists;

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The Riseup collective has been working to strengthen Internet privacy and facilitate freedom of speech for the past 14 years (that’s since 1999, by the way). Based in Seattle, the Riseup collective aims to provide free services that anyone can use that actively defend against surveillance by corrupt governments, or other private entities. These services include e-mail, mailing lists, VPNs, chat via the XMPP protocol, and an etherpad. All of these are free to use so long as you have an account with Riseup (except for the etherpad which can be used by anyone at any time).

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Ask Us

Do you recommend riseupVPN?

Iv’e heard good things and they do genuinely help alot of people, But I never used it and we don’t have any relationship with riseup so I can’t say i Recommend or don’t recommend it.

I hear they don’t log and they have a  pretty long history with crypto activism.

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Interview with @JackalAnon of AnonFM


So we caught wind that an online activist who identifies himself with Anonymous (the Internet Activist collective), @JackalAnon has been working on some big projects, one called AnonFM. This puts Anonymous in a whole new realm, one where music meets activism. So we were intrigued by this project and we decided to sit down with Jackal and ask him some questions, 

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