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Link: Shell-Shock Like Vulnerability May Be Present In Windows

so we have all been hearing a lot about the “shellshock” Bash IE bourne again shell vulnerability which essentially works on a syntax error and allows anyone with shell access of any kind to upload malware remotely, well according to threat post their may be a similar issue with windows and judging by the severity of shellshock we encourage more people to read this.And to be aware and vigilant because windows users are not worrying about the linux issue but this one may effect you!

and linux,mac and unix users please make updates,install patches and be safe out there.

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Link: New 'Bash' Software Bug May Be A Bigger Threat Than Heartbleed

3 notes hack vulnerability linux

Link: Shopping For A Linux Distro;Which Linux will work for me?

This Is A pretty good article written by Lilithlela from Cyberguerrilla It has some useful information for people who want to use linux for the first time,Everyone who enjoys computers as a hobby should try a linux operating system atleast once.

13 notes linux distro cyberguerrilla anonymous opensource operating system lilithlela

Link: Canonical Closes OpenSSL Regression in All Supported Ubuntu OSes

3 notes softpedia news openSSL SSL TLS encryption linux ubuntu OS operating system regression

Link: How To Install Popcorn Time In Ubuntu (From Source) [Updated]

5 notes linux ubuntu arch popcorn popcorn time popcorntime torrent streaming filesharing open source github

Link: Secure chat on iOS, Android, and Computer - Freedom Hacker

5 notes security privacy kik whatsapp bbm android iOS computer linux windows mac osx jabber xmpp freedomhacker

Link: The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003

Wow, on the integrity of the Linux crew.  Just goes to show how important it is to safe guard your data

2 notes hack linux