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Link: An unfixable USB bug could lead to unstoppable malware | News |

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Misc review: ninjastick

Today we’re reviewing Ninjastick, a portable anonymity system, utilizing open source software ready to go on a USB. They where nice enough to mail us one to try out.


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Ask Us

Hi, I have been reading a lot on the Liberte OS. How safe can you really say it is? It is a whole OS based off the TOR system, but how safe do you really believe it is? I have used it in the past, and it seems ok. I hear it leaves no traces on your current OS if you boot off it, or use it in a VM off of a USB thumb drive. What do you think about it? Thanks :)

From my understanding it is based on Tor, and every time you boot everything is like brand new again. Nothing is saved and all system logs are never kept. So it is pretty darn safe and in our opinion worth the use.

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USB encryption

Lok-IT FIPS certified hardware encrypted USB thumbdrive

The easiest way to secure your USB thumb drive is to use hardware based encryption, these secure USB flash drive will cipher every single bit of data stored in them and are trouble free to use for users, there is no learning curve.

However, just because you are using encryption it does not mean you are safe, you will need to make sure that nobody can crack it, choose an USB thumb drive with no backdoor encrypted with a well known attack resistant algorithm like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and if you are going to use it in a business environment choose a FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certified thumbdrive.

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Project Byzantium - Linux Distro

A Linux distro to look forward to, the idea is great and they need help with their project. Check it out.

From their site:

The goal of Project Byzantium is to develop a communication system by which users can connect to each other and share information in the absence of convenient access to the Internet.  This is done by setting up an ad-hoc wireless mesh network that offers services which replace popular websites often used for this purpose, such as Twitter and IRC.

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Project Vaccine

Project vaccine, the world’s first open source anti Malware software.. made with the aim of completely wiping off all the Malware from the entire cyber space…

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Create A Multiboot Live USB? Do it with Yumi

Ever wanted to create a Multiboot Live USB drive for booting multiple Linux Distros? This can be done with Yumi, One of our favorite tools.

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