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New Smoz Vpn

Announcing a new vpn that has caught my attention.  Whenever I hear about a new vpn service,  I look for the most important features, top one of course is logging.

  • We do not log any websites that you visit, we do log connections to the servers for a period of 24 hours before these are securely deleted

Sounds good in my book :)

They offer bitcoin, which is always an added bonus.

  • They are not based in the USA or UK (another added bonus) They are based in Chile

They offer 10 Countries to connect which are

Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia.

They have support for Windows, Mac, Android, Apple, and one of the most important ones, Linux :)

I will be reviewing this in more details while testing the service soon.

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Link: Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously? 2014 Edition | TorrentFreak

we woulike to thank torrenfreak for publishing a revision of this article yearly and are glad to see new faces on it, the amount of anonymous vpn providers is growing with additions like tigervpn,anonymizer and vikingvpn.

we suggest that users do their own research because their are vpn providers in this article who have lied about their
logging policies or used misleading choice of words to imply that they dont log when in fact they do.

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Link: CyberGuerrilla>How to Chain VPNs for Complete Anonymity

How Does Chaining VPNs Work?

First, a person would connect to the VPN. Then, when connected to the first VPN, you chain to the second, and since a bunch of people share the same IP, the second VPN has no way of knowing who tunnelled to it. An even better scenario is where you use an eastern VPN as your first, because our country has no jurisdiction to retrieve the logs from them, thus increasing your security.

However, to chain VPNs, the second VPN would need to know how the first VPN’s traffic was encrypted. This flaw makes it impossible to chain them in this method, unless you own both VPNs (not very likely).

So, how can we chain VPNs then? I’ll show you how by using a virtual machine!

Read The Full Article On Cyberguerrilla

2 notes vpn chain vpns cyberguerrilla anonymous proxy privacy

TorGuard Free Secure DNS


now offers free secure logless DNS for complete DNS anonymity and protection against malware and leaks - you can set your DNS to the secure DNS servers below:

* Primary:
* Secondary:

Torguard has provided free tools and service to help out the privacy community before such as Torguard.TG their email service which gives out 1GB disk pop3/imap/https/webmail/ssl offshore Email accounts free,And now the addition of a logless DNS service is a great addition to the list of free privacy tools available to us all.

You can Read’s Article On torguards “SMART DNS

Which is another newer tool/service in the privacy and anti censorship toolbelt

9 notes dns torguard vpn secure DNS anonymous DNS free anonymous smart DNS smartDNS

Popcorn Time

Update on Popcorn concerning the free vpn intergrated into the program.

The vpn is run by Kebrum.

Kebrum doesn’t allow criminal activities on their VPN. They also state that they keep logs so that they can identify abusive users.

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Ibvpn 30% Discount

Promotion from ibvpn 30% of all packages

Use promotional code FIFA14 to benefit from the promotion 

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‘Popcorn Time’ Gives Users Anonymity With a Free Built-In VPN

One of the Popcorn Time forks has included a free VPN option in its software, allowing users to hide their IP-addresses from the public, This feature is a response to copyright trolls, who regularly send settlement requests to users who pirate movies via BitTorrent.  

Read More

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Zenmate Statement

Zenmate contacted us concerning their browser extension. Glad that they contacted us, as it gives us more insight in how they protect us.

 At ZenMate, we are a heavily privacy focused organisation and don’t log any individual activity, IP addresses or identifying information from our users. In fact, as we are a German based company, we are bound by strict Data Protection Laws that would make it illegal for us to do so! This means that we cannot provide information on our users to any authority, nor can we be forced to provide backdoors into our system. 

we use tried and tested encryption standards to provide some of the most secure encryption available. Our difference is that we only operate in the browser to provide a fast and light weight service with minimal slow down for our users. More information on our encryption standards is available in our FAQs:

Glad to hear they they do not log.  I personally have not tried it, as i use Firefox, but they do state that they will release a Firefox extension soon, which I will try and post a review at a latter date.


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